School for Sex (1969)

Movie Title : School for Sex (1969)
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Category : Comedy
04 11 2013 at this date

Movie Title : School for Sex (1969)

Genre : Comedy

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Director : Pete Walker

Stars : Alec Bregonzi | Dennis Castle | Derek Aylward | Edgar K Bruce | Françoise Pascal | Hugh Latimer | Julie May | Maria Frost | Nicola Austin | Nosher Powell | Robert Dorning | Rose Alba | Samantha Bond | Simon Cain | Vic Wise

Views : 1,011

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School for Sex (1969)

School for Sex: British Sexploitation/Sex Comedy. Lord Wingate, aquitted after appearing in court for fraud, starts up a ‘finishing school’ to teach girls how to extract money from rich men, in return for a percentage of their gains. He enlists the help of the Duchess of Burwood (Alcoholic Aristocrat played by Rose Alba) as a teacher and Hector (Cockney Geezer played by Nosher Powell) as fitness instructor. A probation officer friend supplies the first batch of pupils fresh from Holloway prison via a clapped out old mini bus. Suspicious neighbours and police together with newspaper reports naming the prison girls now hobnobbing in high society results in a raid and new court appearance for Lord Wingate. The Judge sentences him but plots to start up his own ‘school for sex’.


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